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'To the Beautiful You' Minho, Anything for Sulli?

September 04, 2012 09:39 PM EDT

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'To the Beautiful You' Minho, Anything for Sulli?

"To the Beautiful You" f(x)'s Sulli and SHINee's Minho were spotted filming a lovely two-shot.

On the upcoming Thursday episode of "To the Beautiful You," a full-course romantic love line will be revealed. Minho was spotted helping Sulli wash her face and brush her teeth. This comes after Sulli takes injuries to her face and wrist after training and Minho volunteers to help her. 

Minho's character is currently undergoing the process of slowly opening his heart to her. After realizing that she is a girl, he has acted as her knight in shining armor in many dangerous situations. As the two become close rather fast, people are wondering if they will really officially start to become romantic for each other. 

The lovely cleansing two-shot was filmed at a camping site on August 30. The location shoot faced unexpected rain and wind, making the shoot harder than they originally thought. However, it is rumored that Sulli and Minho were able to keep focus on the story and pull off a great scene. They seemed like a couple in real life and though they originally experienced some awkwardness around this new scene, Minho was later seen caring about Sulli's makeup and ensuring that she felt comfortable with the scene.

The production company said, "The two leads are getting ready to really get into the romance. The two of them seem to be getting closer in real life and really beginning to trust and respect each other, pulling off really great teamwork."

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