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'The Thousandth Man' Lee Chun Hee - Kang Ye Won Kiss Scene

September 14, 2012 11:32 PM EDT

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'The Thousandth Man' Lee Chun Hee - Kang Ye Won Kiss Scene

MBC's "The Thousandth Man" leads Lee Chun Hee and Kang Ye Won are drawing internet users' attentions with stills of a sandy kiss scene.

In this still, Lee Chun Hee is approaching Kang Ye Won with the seeming intent of kissing. The two of them were both sentenced with 3 more months of life and this kiss indicates that the romance between Lee Chun Hee and Kang Ye Won, who is seeking for her thousandth man in order to become a real human, is beginning. 

Until now, the two characters had had to hide their emotions because of their situations and circumstances but now with the kiss, it seems they are closer to discovering their feelings and becoming more intimate with each other. 

The kiss scene was filmed on a beach and the actors had to film a scene under an unforgiving sun. Though there was blistering heat during the shoot, the two actors showed no signs of exhaustion or slowing and were able to film the seen very quickly and easily. 

The internet users who saw the still are responding, "Will the two of them be in love now?" "I hope they're happy together," and "I'm nervous for them!"

The drama, which is now gaining momentum with the beginning of the love story, airs every Friday. 

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