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Album Review: The Magic Of JYP Nation Is Captured On 'One Mic' Live [AUDIO]

By Adrienne Stanley | December 11, 2014 09:01 AM EST


JYP Entertainment recently released a live compilation album from their family concert which was held this past August in Korea. 'JYP Nation Korea One Mic' features some of the best live performances from the concert.

Live K-Pop albums are sometimes disappointing, especially when the group or artist featured is not known for their vocals. This common misstep is avoided on the 'One Mic' album by including performances which featured the strongest vocals.

Rookie groups GOT7 and 15& participated in the JYP Nation concert, along with 2PM, 2AM, missA, and Bernard Park.

2PM and 2AM are particularly highlighted on the nine track album,which is not surprising. 2AM is one of the most powerful male vocal groups in K-Pop, while 2PM comes together to make up one of the most soulful groups.

JYP Nation comes together to perform the 2PM song “Come Back When You Hear This Song” and Park Jin Young's hit “Don't Leave Me.” “Don't Leave Me” has been a staple for JYP concerts and the combined efforts of the featured groups do not disappoint. It is one of the most joyfully performed songs on the album, which deserves a listen. As for “Come Back When You Hear This Song,” it is one of 2PM's strongest vocal songs from their recent albums. It does not necessarily work as well with the incorporation of the female vocalists.

missA's Suzy and Bernard Park are an excellent pair on the ballad “Farewell Under The Sun.” The duet works thanks to the extensive range of their combined voices. Suzy demonstrates on “Farewell Under The Sun” that her voice lives up to the hype that surrounds her in K-Pop.

“Suddenly” is also one of the most beautifully delivered songs on the album. Baek Ye Rin of 15& is a brilliant choice for the female vocalist, with 2AM's Jo Kwon and 2PM's Jun.K giving their all on the song.

Taecyeon and Junho of 2PM join GOT7's JB & JR for “Bounce.” As it is a dance track, it is does not necessarily capture the same spirit as the ballads included on the album. However, “Bounce” provides a lively respite from what could become an otherwise mundane release.

2AM's Seulong and Taecyeon are fantastic together on “U Don't Know.” One of the drawbacks of 2AM is that they often sing power ballads, which are great, but don't necessarily make for non-stop listening. “U Don't Know” is playful and makes interesting use of both artists. The magic occurs when 2AM and 2PM come together to sing “No Goodbyes.” The song is excellent and makes listeners wish they had heard the song performed in person.

The album concludes with the original studio versions of “U Don't Know” and “No Goodbyes.”

Newcomers to K-Pop who have only listened to GOT7 will benefit from listening to 'One Mic.' It serves as a testimony to the songwriting of Park Jin Young and his ability to recognize talented vocalists. If there was any question about the survival of JYP Entertainment, 'One Mic' delivers proof that the agency is still going strong.

Listen to the new JYP Nation live album 'One Mic' HERE.

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