BoA Talks Marriage And What Type Of Husband She Wants In Her Life

Iconic superstar BoA is thinking about marriage and what type of husband she wants in the future.

On Jan. 31, BoA sat down for an interview with Japanese magazine Numero. During the interview, the topic of marriage and who she wants to get married to was discussed.

"Marriage in 5-6 years from now would be great," said BoA during the interview.

As for the type of husband BoA wants in her life, she just wants someone who will do the same things with her.

"I would like a person who I can share the same hobbies and beliefs with."

With no signs of settling down yet, BoA is preparing to make a comeback for her fans. BoA will celebrate her 15 anniversary since she made her debut with SM Entertainment. She will showcase her amazing vocals and dance skills.

BoA made her debut with the song "ID; Peace B" in 2000.

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