B.A.P-Ailee-Lee Hi-Busker Busker, 'This Year's Rookie Report Cards'

Many new rookies have appeared this year. From girl and boy groups to solo singers, there was a variety of different styles and concepts. Let's take a look at the January to November Melon Monthly music chart to see how the rookies did this year.

First on the Melon chart, singer Ailee stands out the most. She gained much attention after making appearances on singing shows on TV. Her debut single in January gained much attention and was ranked in the top 50 for 4 months. Her EP in October also ranked high on the charts for 2 months.

Next is SBS "K-Pop Star" runner up Lee Hi. After the show, she was scouted by YG Entertainment and released her debut single in October. Her debut song ranked number 1 on the charts, showing her soaring popularity. She also was featured in Epik High's new song as well.

Juniel also ranked in the top 50 for 3 months straight with her debut song. 

Boy group B.A.P gained the most attention with their 6 albums released this year. Many of their hit songs stayed high on the charts, showing their immense popularity.

Rookie group EXO-K also ranked number 1 for the April music chart and continued to stay high on the charts in the following months.

We cannot forget about indie groups Busker Busker and Ulala Session. Busker Busker ranked number 1 on the April music chart and had 6 other of their songs in the top 10. 

With these great records this year, we hope anticipate for an even more successful year in 2013 as well as the new rookies that will be debuting next year.

Busker Busker
Lee Hi
Ulala Session


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