Why We Can Look Forward to Lee Hi's Future Performances

Singer Lee Hi has finally finished her last activities for this year and is getting ready for her comeback next year.

Last month, she held her debut stage on "Inkigayo" and also held her last stage for her latest album on December 23 here as well. Although her activity promotions were short, she gained much attention as a rookie singer.

She debuted with a whole different look from her "K-Pop Star" days, shocking everyone. Although she did look awkward in her music video, she quickly improved by the time she performed on stage.

She continued to perform on stage and eventually stood on the MAMA 2012 stage as well, expanding her name globally.

Her charisma and eye contact on stage is not that of a rookie. It seems that she truly knows how take over the stage with her great vocals and confidence.

She even changed the choreography of her debut song and made a comeback to show yet another side of her.

With her ever changing concepts and styles, many can look forward to her music next year.

Lee Hi
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