‘Prometheus’ 2 Release Date Coincides With ‘Alien 5?’ Noomi Rapace’s Shaw Continues Search For Her Creator

Blood cousins "Prometheus 2" and "Alien 5" might go head-to-head in 2016 as Noomi Rapace's character Shaw is reportedly going to pursue the creators.

Movie Pilot said that "Prometheus 2" and "Alien 5" are on the trajectory to follow "White House Down" and "Olympus has Fallen" last year when two separate films are dealing with almost the same theme.

"This isn't the same as what Marvel and DC are attempting with cinematic universes. Fox has simply found itself with two contending works both representing the Alien brand. Talks of script edits on Alien 5 suggest the two films are trying not to step on each other's toes," the article said.

But "Alien 5" director Neill Blomkamp is making sure that it won't happen.

Blomkamp earlier said that he sent the script to Ridley Scott to make sure that nothing contradicts his vision for "Prometheus 2"

"I sent the title I wanted to Ridley. It's kinda quite bold, but it gives away too much if I say the title. But in the event that it doesn't work, I'm dead in the water," he told Empire magazine.

However, Movie Pilot said that Neill Blomkamp is treading on dangerous grounds as he might sacrifice "Alien 5" in order not to compromise Ridley Scott's vision for "Prometheus 2."

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Shaw will reportedly continue his path to find the engineers in the sequel to "Prometheus."

"Indeed the sequel is going to be better but it will NOT focus on the space engineers planet but on planet earth," "Predators" director Nimrod Antal said. "Characters from earth will be introduced as signals from the spaceship Noomi is on will prompt Wayland sponsored military to go after it before it reaches earth."

"We will not see the engineers planet until the third installment known as Paradise. The second is known under it's working name as Prometheus: Hell on Earth," he said.

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