MBLAQ Admit Pros And Cons Of New 3-Member Lineup

MBLAQ recently made a comeback with only three members, and the trio discussed the perks and losses that come with a smaller group.

The MBLAQ trio talked about what it was like promoting without former members Lee Joon and Thunder during a guest appearance on the SBS radio program Kim Chang Ryul's Old School, reports Allkpop.

Lee Joon and Thunder confirmed that they were leaving MBLAQ in late 2014, and the three remaining members Seungho, G.O. and Mir returned on June 9 as a trio with a slightly tweaked name M3LAQ.

"The car got roomier and our preparation time got shorter, which are the advantages. However, the disadvantage is that it feels empty. There were the times and memories we had shared together in the past. We miss those times."

Radio show host Kim Chang Ryul also asked, "Do you contact Lee Joon and Thunder once in a while?" and the trio confirmed that, "We contact them once in a while."

The fact that the trio are still in touch with both former members should assuage the feelings of MBLAQ fans that fear an irreparable rift has been made due to the departures.

In June 11, comments made by the group that "we use telepathy" in response to whether they kept in touch with Lee Joon and Thunder and "we're better at singing than the members who left" suggested feelings of resentment for the departed members.


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