‘Blood Brothers’ Movie Cast: Michael B. Jordan In Talks To Join Cast; Plot Based On Comic Book

Michael B. Jordan is said to be in talks to star in yet another comic book movie, this time in the upcoming film adaptation of Dark Horse Comics' vampire-themed novel "Blood Brothers," according to a report on Superhero Hype.

Recently, the actor starred in the "Fantastic Four" film reboot by Fox as the Human Torch. It has been released in theaters the previous month, but it did not receive a positive reception and was even dubbed as one of the "worst films" this year.

However, his career as a comic book character does not seem to be ending with "Fantastic Four" with a report via The Tracking Board stating that he will star in a film adaptation based on "Blood Brothers."

The report stated that Jordan is currently in talks with MGM to star as one of the lead characters in the movie version of the vampire-inspired graphic novel. If ever he would strike the deal with the studio, he is said to be taking on the role of Tree, a millennia-old vampire who goes on all sorts of adventures with his vampire pal, Nick, as written by Cinemablend.

As for the plot of the film, according to Entertainment Weekly, it would follow the story of Tree and Nick who would develop a rift between themselves after being friends for thousands of years. The characters are on the verge of going their separate ways, but before that, they would reunite in order to save humans from an impending disaster.

Tree and Nick would find themselves struggling to set aside their problems with each other in order to save the world from an "apocalypse-obsessed" villain.

On the other hand, Dark Horse Entertainment's Mike Richardson is said to be producing the film and will be working on a draft which was penned by Ethan Cohen and another plot line written by Derek Connolly and Colin Treverrow of "Jurassic World."

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