‘Thundercats’ To Be Turned Into A Movie? 2016 To Have Major Updates For Live Action Film?

A "Thundercats" live-action movie for 2016 is rumored to come out and is said to be directed by Michael Bay.

Rumors sparked that a "Thundercats" movie may be expected to be announced in 2016 after "X-Men Days Of Future Past" star James McAvoy revealed his intentions of playing the role of Lion-O in the film.

Total Film first reported the intentions of McAvoy after he went on an interview to promote the "X-Men" film. He sat down for an interview and revealed how he loved "Thundercats" growing up and that he wanted to be in a movie after seeing fan made trailers for the series.

"I would love to see a Thundercats movie but it's never going to happen," McAvoy revealed in an interview. "Lion-O is something great for any actor out there"

In the said fan made trailer, actors Hugh Jackman, Vin Diesel and Brad Pitt were seen in the clip which got him really excited and hoping for an announcement in 2016 for a possible "Thundercats" movie.

"There is a great trailer for Thundercats where they took Brad Pitt and made him Lion-O, Hugh Jackman as Tygra and Vin Diesel as Panthro," the 35-year-old actor said.

Also announcing his intention to join the cast for the movie in 2016 is Eddie Redmayne, who revealed his love for the character Snarf and how he wanted to play the role.

"Please, I'm desperate to do Bananaman," Redmayne said in a Yahoo News interview. "Bananaman is this great guy who eats a banana, and he becomes Bananaman. He's the one that I've always wanted to play, to the extent that Andrew Garfield - an old pal - was asked in an interview, 'If you could play any superhero other than Spider-Man, who would you play?' And he was thinking about it, and the interviewer was like, 'Bananaman?' And Andrew was like, 'No, Eddie's playing that.'"

"I'd like to play Snarf," he said.



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