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SHINee 'Dream Girl' Suspicious of Plagiarism? 'Luis Miguel Vs. SHINee'

By Staff Reporter | April 01, 2013 11:27 AM EDT


Rumors that SHINee's new song, "Dream Girl" being plagiarized has been gaining much attention.

Recently, "Dream Girl" became very popular and ranked high on many music charts and programs.

Today, news that SHINee's "Dream Girl" had plagiarized Luis Miguel's song, "Vuelve" was revealed.

Internet users stated that "Dream Girl" and "33" had the same overall melody and reporters who listened to both songs stated that certain parts had the exact same beat as well.

The video comparing the two songs was first seen on YouTube by overseas internet users. As the video became popular, it then became revealed to the Korean population as well, starting up the plagiarism rumors.

A video titled, 'SHINee and Luis Miguel: Dream Girls vs Vuelve HD' has been roaming the internet and comparing the two songs. They stated that SM Entertainment had not bought the copyright but was plagiarizing the song.

Many people have been questioning whether or not SM bought the copyright to use the melody, but when looking at the producers of both songs, they are different.

"Dream Girl" was produced by Shin Hyuk, DK, Jordan Kyle, Ross Lara, Dave Cook and "Vuelve" was produced by Alejandro Asensi, Edgar Cortazar, Luis Miguel and Francisco Loyo.

SM Entertainment stated, "The song 'Dream Girl' was produced by famous producer Shin Hyuk and his production team, Joombas Music Factory."

They also stated, "We did not buy any copyright or plagiarize anyone's songs. It is solely and fully an original SM song."

One official also commented, "The melody and the chords are very different and it is difficult to say that it is plagiarism."

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