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5 Tear-Inducing K-Drama Soundtrack Songs [BLOG]

By Anna Cheang via KultScene | September 23, 2015 10:48 AM EDT


If you ask me what makes a good K-drama, rather than a star-studded cast or a fresh storyline, my answer would be a good soundtrack. OSTs (original soundtracks) are instrumental to dramas because they create the appropriate mood for the various scenes which play out, thus adding a lot of vibrance and emotion to the drama. When used correctly, OSTs also have the ability to grip the hearts of viewers and carry them throughout the drama.

A few years ago, that is what a special OST did to me. For the first time, I cried along with the main characters because of the anguish that I felt as I listened to the song, and since then, the tears have never stopped flowing. I started to have a great appreciation for emotional OSTs and would listen to them over and over again.

Over the years, I've gathered quite a collection of my favourite OSTs, but the following five that are listed have a special place in my heart and still linger fondly in my memories today. (Warning: Some drama spoilers ahead!)

5. Gavy N.J - "Rewind" ("My Lovely Girl")

"My Lovely Girl" (2014) is one of the more recent dramas that I've watched and what it lacks in plot it certainly makes up for in its soundtrack. As a drama centred around an entertainment company run by Lee Hyun-wook (Rain), I expected that there would be many amazing soundtracks being used in the show. Indeed there were great songs, such as Krystal Jung's "All of a Sudden" which I enjoyed. But the first song to really touch my heart was Gavy N.J's "Rewind."

In the drama, this song is used as a recurring reference to Sena's (Krystal) deceased sister, which on its own is a tragic enough plot point, but the gorgeous voices and harmonies of Gavy N.J brought tears to my eyes, and caused me to care a lot more about the show than I would have originally. The song is not flashy in any way, but sometimes it's the softest and simplest melodies which are the most poignant.

4. Jang Nara - "Walk In A Dreamy Road" ("Dong Yi")

"Dong Yi" was one of the first K-dramas that I watched, and my first sageuk (Korean historical drama.) It definitely had a slower pacing in terms of the plot, but it also offered some of the best soundtracks. The combination of all the traditional instruments with a beautifully haunting melody sold it for me, and the first time it played during the drama (it was a pretty sad scene) I lost it.

I went on Youtube to find the song as soon as the episode was over and subsequently learnt how to play it on the piano. This song actually taught me how to play the piano with emotion, and I still practice it every now and then. "Dong Yi" had a rather tragic plot, but one of the saddest scenes in the drama that I remember was when Dong Yi (Han Hyo Joo) was separated from her lover, the Emperor (Ji Jin Hee) and they were both thinking of each other forlornly. As this soundtrack played, I sobbed along with Dong Yi, even though my family was watching the drama together with me. It simply made the scene that much sadder.

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