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Review: MaseWonder Blesses Us With 1 Final Warm Weather Slow Jam On His New Single 'Summer Night' Featuring PLZY [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | October 05, 2015 06:06 PM EDT


Summer may have officially ended on Sept. 22, but if you have been residing on the East Coast of the United States for the past few weeks, you have probably been enjoying the unexpected extension of the warm season.

Cue the slow jamz.

There is a certain dreamlike nostalgia on the song "Summer Night" featuring PLZY, released Monday by South Korean rapper MaseWonder, that makes it for the perfect soundtrack to the time of the season where the days start to shrink but the party rages on.

Sure, there are strong nods to pop maestros from Frank Ocean to Kanye West or R. Kelly to Rihanna. But the most interesting aspects of "Summer Night" are the way that these go-to party sounds are mixed into a track that is, at its core, bordering on experimental and treading on fairly ominous ground for what is on its surface a breezy cool out song.

MaseWonder might be getting marketed by his label as a straight-ahead rap artist (check out the abbreviated version of "Summer Night" used in the official music video for proof of this), but there is something way deeper being expressed on this song then just "let's get down."

Like each of the four pop icons listed above, MaseWonder and PLZY's vocals give the song an urgency that is unexpected. And like the modern day King of West Coast Rap, Kendrick Lamar, he's not afraid to drop in interludes that are stranger and artier than pop music almost ever gets.

But edgy music doesn't mean anything if it isn't expressing anything.

What makes "Summer Night" a cohesive piece of work is the palpable feeling of the early morning hours that it gives the listener, as if you are one of the last ones standing at an all night bash, standing on the fire escape watching the streetlamps turn on one by one.

In this sense, MaseWonder is less Psy and more Ives.

Watch the music video for the MaseWonder single "Summer Night" featuring PLZY RIGHT HERE

Listen to the extended album version of MaseWonder's "Summer Night" featuring PLZY RIGHT HERE

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