Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Seen Together Amid Divorce; Fans Want Him, Jennifer Lopez Back Again

Amid their ongoing divorce and leaked videos of the actor and Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were seen together once again on Sunday.

According to Mail Online, the ex-couple, both 43-year-old, were spotted going in and out of a grocery shop in Pacific Palisades, California.

This sighting was already the second this month, the first being with their children on Oct. 4 at an LA Farmers Market.

One snap showed the "Batman v Superman" actor behind the wheels while the former "13 Going On 30" actress was sitting on the front seat.

Two photos, on the other hand, featured the father of three going out of the vehicle, while last two shots were showing him carrying several bags of grocery items.

These latest photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner came days after videos of the actor and former flame Jennifer Lopez got leaked online.

In the meantime, fans aired out their sentiments about the videos shared by Radar Online.

A number of them revealed that they want to ex-lovers to be together again.

"They looked so happy and carefree together," user named Guest wrote. "One can only hope they get back together, put out a 'Gigli' sequel and everyone can go back to ignoring Ben again."

Meanwhile, Hayleead stated that "Wish they were back together it cute be family. JLo n Ben plz be together xxx."

As for S La, "Wow he seemed super into her. I have a feeling he was never this handsy with J Garner. I couldn't stand them together, mainly because I had a crush on Ben back then lol."

While these readers took time to share their longing to see Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez back together, there were also some who wondered about the person behind the leaked clips.

"Why is her family leaking home videos?" a certain Christie said. "They must be taking advantage of his vulnerable marriage crisis in hopes they reunite."

"did her family really do this? would they really?" Donovan Hughes said. "jlo can prob - prob- PROBABLY get Ben back without doing that. Plus it would really burn that bridge - dont you think?"

Who could really be behind the leaked videos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez? Why does the actor still being seen with Jennifer Garner despite their ongoing divorce?



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