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Sweating To The K-Pop: The World's Best Dance Classes For Hallyu Fans To Shake Their Stuff

By Rachelle D. | November 14, 2015 10:51 PM EST


We get it -- working out can be a drag. And even if you like a good sweat session, what workout wouldn't be better with a little K-pop?

All around the world, there are K-pop dance classes, where you can combine exercise and today's latest K-pop hits. It's a great way to meet people who also love K-pop and understand a little bit better what your favorite idols are going through as they learn all kinds of choreography and dance moves. Here are some of the best ones:


Unos Dance Fitness Center

Hop on in to this Los Angeles dance studio for K-pop dance classes that are open to all skill levels. This is a bigger center with several classes and instructors who are K-pop friendly, so if you'd like to try some of the other more dance and cardio focused classes, you can bet that there will be some K-pop moves thrown in there.

Pop Rock Academy

All of the classes at this Southern California dance studio are built around different types of pop and rock music. The K-pop classes offer students of all levels the chance to learn some killer choreography and even perform it at the end of the session.


This New York dance studio is the heart and soul of K-pop in New York, offering regular classes in Times Square and Queens as well as organizing K-pop activities, flash mobs, workshops, showcases, and ways to meet fellow NYC K-pop fans.


DGC Dance in London

Anyone can pop into this London dance class on Wednesdays and Fridays and expect to learn the moves from some of the latest K-pop videos. Here, it's more about the K-pop and the social aspect of the dance class. You'll get to meet a lot of people who love K-pop and might want to try out the dance moves, and will even have the opportunity to show off those moves at some of their dance cover shows.

K-Pop Dance Italia

This Milan studio offers one-of-a-kind workshops for street K-pop dance style, as well as the opportunity to tap into the growing Hallyu obsessed Milanos.

JieKPop Dance in Paris

If you're in Paris and want to learn the moves to your favorite K-pop song, this is your place. This studio offers a wide variety superfan instructors and songs to which you can learn all the choreography.


Dance Factory

This is Singapore's high-energy dance studio, with several classes focused on all types of hip hop and K-pop. Dance students work hard to prepare for an end-of-year showcase where they show off their super skills. The studio also offers a K-pop fitness course that combines a great cardio workout with K-pop music.

Celine Jessandra

Singapore is also home to this hip hop and K-pop dance studio, which might be a better fit for first-time dancers who need a little more guidance in learning choreography and K-pop dance moves.

Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center

Visitors to Seoul and members of the expat community might want to check out the free K-pop classes that Seoul's Tourism Center offers once a week. The class is fast-paced, but all skill levels are welcome and even if you don't end up mastering the moves, it's a great way to meet people who might also be living in the area and learn more about the cultural side of K-pop and its influence in Korea.

Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines

Filipinos can get their K-pop groove on at this cultural center (and could even work out the lungs but taking their K-pop singing courses as well.) 

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