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Block B Bring Down The House At Chicago's Rosemont Theater With Electric Blockbuster Tour Performance

By Leah Westbrook | November 15, 2015 09:45 PM EST


Fans of K-pop idol group Block B (known as BBCs) from around the world flocked to the Rosemont Theater this past Friday, to spend two glorious hours with the incredibly charismatic members of the group.

Lining up outside the theater hours before the doors opened at 7PM, fans spent their time huddled together to stave off the cold as the hours to showtime dwindled to minutes. Ignoring the chilly Chicago weather, enthusiastic fans spent their time as most fans at a show do, talking about the band, squealing over their favorite members and generally having a good time.

As the skies darkened, the energy in the air became more electric, an excited energy surrounding the ever-growing line of fans. When the doors opened, the energy followed the fans, filling the theater with a palpable electricity that found its way backstage. Encouraged by this energy, Block B took the stage by storm, opening the evening with a hyped three-song set that included "Very Good," "Wanna B" and "Halo."

Taking a quick break, the audience was kept entertained by a short video and before long the boys were back, ready to steal the hearts of all the ladies with their many charms. To help with the wooing, each member of the group returned to the stage toting a long-stemmed red rose which they handed to seven lucky fans over the course of the next song set.

It's hard to resist falling for a group as dynamic as Block B, especially when they've made up their mind to steal your heart. With a set of songs that included "Romantically," "Unordinary Girl," "11:30," "Did You or Did You Not," there wasn't a single heart in the audience that went untouched. If the sweetness of the songs wasn't enough to melt every heart in the room, one of Kyung's killer smiles was sure to do the trick.

With every heart now putty in their hands, Block B kicked things up with a stellar performance of "No Joke" that had the crowd hyped up. From there it was time for the group's only sub-unit, BASTARZ to take the stage, much to the delight of the crowd. Performing both "Conduct Zero" and "Charlie Chaplin" BASTARZ had the audience in tizzy, proving this sub-unit has definitely found a home in the hearts of their fans.

When the group returned to the stage as a whole, the energy in the room seemed to be harnessed by Block B, inspiring a performance of "HER," "Jackpot," "Mental Breaker," "Action" and "Tell Them" that will long be remembered. Pouring their heart and soul into their performance, Block B held nothing back and their fans followed suit. Feeding off the energy of each other, Block B and BBCs gave their all for each other, propelling both into a state of euphoria that can only be reached in a moment of sheer joy.

By the time Zico announced our time together had come to an end, the groans of sadness shook the hall. No one was ready for this night to end but the boys did their best to lighten the mood by thanking Chicago for being so loving and making the customary promise to someday return. With their last words said, it was time to end the evening with an unbelievably moving performance of "Be The Light."

Waving their farewells, Block B disappeared into the darkness but no one in the building was willing to let things end there. With chants of "Block B" ringing throughout the hall, it wasn't long until the boys were back for an encore that brought the house down.

Giving their all, Block B closed out the night with heart-stopping performances of "Nalina," "Nice Day" and the rock remix of "Very Good." Once again the energy of the crowd fueled the performance of the boys, leaving everyone breathless when the stage lights dimmed and Block B once again disappeared into the darkness.

As if unwilling to say goodbye, one final video began to play. As credit to all those responsible for this magnificent evening scrolled across the screen alongside video of Block B being Block B, tears were shed. Unable to let the magic of the moment fade, everyone in the house stayed glued to their seats, watching the credits roll until, finally, the screen went black.

But the night wasn't quite over yet. Returning to the stage one last time, Block B ended the evening with a fan service-filled performance of "Movie's Over." Stopping the hearts of fans throughout the house, the boys of Block B made sure every heart in the building went home with them that night. With smiles, waves and bows, Block B said goodbye to their beloved BBC one last time as the set around them slowly hid them from the world.

Fading into land of happy memories and dreams come true, Block B left their Chicago fans with full hearts and memories that will last a lifetime. One can only hope that Block B will carry the memories of this night with them and look back on them with as much fondness as the BBCs who were lucky enough to spend this one amazing evening with the seven incredible members of Block B.

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