Seo In Young Has An Identity Crisis With 'SIY'

The goddess of retro dance pop is back with SIY, an energetic, albeit short, new EP.

Honestly, when it comes to "High Heels" a black hole could literally swallow it whole and it still wouldn't be enough damage to destroy every second of its runtime. DOK2 couldn't even save the track from spiraling out of control. The unnecessary siren going off at random time intervals is enough to make anyone relive their entire humiliating childhood. Early 2000's rappers have no game when it comes to Seo In Young's mad rap skills, yo!

Now, since the first track has safely left our solar system -and went to deafen some poor alien soul- let's move on to "Scream", the jewel of SIY. The beginning of the track does not prepare the listener for the transcendence they're about experience. The feel good house atmosphere takes control of the chorus and has everyone screaming on top of their lungs, which of course is the intention!

"R U Ready" is a comfortable entry to the album, with known elements, but still manages to be enjoyable. The mellow vibe is relaxing and welcomed break after the rollercoaster that was "Scream".

SIY closes with "I'm Not Well", an underwhelming ballad that we've all probably heard five times. The name Seo In Young never seems to associate with slow paced piano ballads, which makes this entry sort of a let down.

Overall SIY misses key features that would have otherwise made it a great mini album. At times it seems to not know its identity, with mixtures of rap, dance, and ballad tracks.

Check out the video for "Scream" below!

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