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U-Kwon, P.O And B-Bomb On How Their BASTARZ Project Group Differs From Block B [EXCLUSIVE]

By Staff Writer | December 10, 2015 05:33 PM EST


On Oct. 7, Korean hip-hop trio BASTARZ made their official debut in Japan with the single "Conduct Zero" after having release the original Korean version in April. The Block B project group, made up of U-Kwon, P.O and B-Bomb, sat down with KpopStarz Japan to promote the song and give fans a little taste of how their music differs from that of the group as a whole.

KpopStarz: What is the biggest point you wanted to convey through your single "Conduct Zero?"

U-Kwon: "Conduct Zero" will have our listeners experience an overwhelming flow of synthesizer. It holds all the ingredients of Block B, but at the same time it isn’t Block B.

KpopStarz: Please tell us the concept behind the performance of "Conduct Zero."

P.O: The concept for the "Conduct Zero" performance?  You see, U-Kwon and B-Bomb are among the best dancers in Block B. "Conduct Zero" showcases their dancing prowess to our audience.

KpopStarz: What type of group is BASTARZ? What is the difference between it and Block B?

U-Kwon: BASTARZ is a sub-unit group that has been formed by three members of Block B. The group possesses all the genetic traits of Block B while further enhancing it with our rough and tough concept.

KpopStarz: Please tell us what you are very good and bad at.

U-Kwon: I know I might sound egoistical, but I am praised as being the main dancer in my group. My weak point is that my voice is weak, thus when I am practicing my pronunciation, I have to work more than others.
B-Bomb: My strong point is, I have a rather good memory.  I remember most of the fans who come to our live events. My weak point is not having a weak point (laughs).
P.O:  I am the most energetic amongst my group mates. That is my strong point. My weak point is that I can’t dance that much thus I have to take two hours of dance lessons every day and I try my best so that I can be like others in my group.

KpopStarz: Are there any words you heard or read that made an impression on you?

B-Bomb: My favourite motto is by the former New York Yankees baseball player, Yogi Berra, which is “It ain't over till it's over." This gives me motivation to try my best until the very end.

KpopStarz: What is the aim of BASTARZ in Japan?

U-Kwon: Our aim is to showcase the talent of U-Kwon, B-Bomb and P.O from Block B. Also, we want our Japanese fans to experience the awesomeness and the coolness that the three of us bring to our music.

KpopStarz: Please share a passionate message to all your fans.

P.O: Our fans in Japan have supported us even though we are unable to come here that often. We are truly thankful for that. We will make sure that our performance is lively and energetic so that you don’t feel the absence of the other group members. Please look forward to that.

KpopStarz: How about a message to all those people who are unaware of BASTARZ?

B-Bomb: Aren’t you curious as to what Block B looks like without their main rapper? Listen to "Conduct Zero" if you are willing to find out.

(text: Kiyori Matsumoto | translation: Shirakawa Tatsumi)

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