EXO Give Fans A Holiday Treat With 'Sing For You' [Fan Review]

EXO returned on Dec. 10 with yet another unwarranted holiday album that has nothing to do with any festivities known to man, other than spending money- wait, sneaky sneaky.

Though this album was put together last minute (to suck up as much money from fans), it does have one redeeming factor, which will be discussed later.

The album opens with "Unfair," a basic track that brought Chanyeol and Sehun from their usual last minute appearance to the first 30 seconds, which is... new? The chorus does have a great line though, "Your eyes, your nose, your lips, are they still going to be pretty no matter how much I look," girl run, he obviously has heat vision!

"Sing For You" is truly beautiful. The combined harmonies give this track a pleasant listen. The soft guitar in the background is a great change to the usual saturation found in pop ballads. Can we please have more harmonization in EXO? Pretty please?

Listen SM Entertainment you can't just toss jingles and bells in a song and call it festive. "Girl x Friend" brings nothing new to K-pop, but it's catchy enough to keep anyone interested. D.O is also perfect.

"On The Snow" the song that had potential but lost it the moment the lyrics were read. "I'll find where you are" and "I'm going to you now", okay stalker. First was the heat vision and now walking creepily behind her in the snow. Also, is Sehun still being allowed to sing? He's pretty, not vocally talented. "So that you can be surprised when you open up your door", yeah she'll be surprised you hash slinging slasher.

To anyone who is a Star Wars fan, "Lightsaber" is an immense disrespect to such a creative franchise (quickly places Yoda bobblehead in drawer). The EDM parts are the highlight of the song, but only occur during the chorus breakdowns.

Overall, Sing For You is a rushed mini album for the dedicated EXO fan.

Check out EXO's comeback single "Sing For You" below!

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