Review: Yolhoon Receive An Extraterrestrial Transmission From The Starman On Their Self-Titled Debut Single [AUDIO]

For anyone questioning whether David Bowie was still culturally relevant, the pop icon responded with a resounding yes on Thursday, releasing his best song in years, the dystopian "Lazarus" on the heels of arguably his most experimental video to date, "Blackstar."

You also need to look no further than Yolhoon's debut single, (also called "Yolhoon") released the day before.

On "Yolhoon," the South Korean indie rock outfit of the same name doesn't just pay clear homage to Mr. Stardust in both vocal inflection and production style, they both appear to be drawing from the same pool of influences, from the dance-infused mid-career material of Radiohead and U2 to the modern EDM movement.

And like Ziggy himself, the keyboard sound on "Yolhoon" is unique and intoxicating. And whether or not the members of Yolhoon knew how much they were worshipping at the feet of the master on their debut single, the important thing is they are doing it quite well.

Why not steal from the best, right?

And though there are some sublimely crafted electro pop moments among the four other songs on the "Yolhoon" EP, it is on this, the opening track, where everything comes together.

It's not just mere Bowie imitation either. There are also some exciting nods to the Manchester bands of the late '70s and '80s like Joy Division and Happy Mondays, particularly in the way that jagged electric guitars are floated over the warm bed of beautifully programmed synthesizers and oscillators.

As a final masterstroke, the drum track is kept to a minimalist crack "Yolhoon," keeping one foot on terra firma as guitars, keys and vocals appear to float into orbit.

If nothing else, Yolhoon would sure be one killer opening act for Mr. Bowie, if he decides to tour South Korea, or anywhere else for that matter.

Watch the music video for the new self-titled single from South Korean rock band Yolhoon's latest EP also entitled "Yolhoon" RIGHT HERE

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