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Why SHINee's Performance Fills The Stage, 'Flawless Choreography'

By Richard Lee | April 30, 2013 02:04 PM EDT


Typically, SHINee's stage performances appear much more complicated and difficult in comparison to other groups' choreography. If you are not convinced, go ahead and try dancing along to their moves. Now, as you nurse your sprained ankle and bruised shoulders, let us look into what makes SHINee's performance more complete than that of others.

Their new song, "Why So Serious?" is a zombie-themed, punk-rock-sprinkled dance song that features SHINee's signature powerful choreography. The biggest standout point of the song is that each move is blended into an actual, corresponding line of the song. In a way, SHINee offers 4 minutes of musical during their on-stage performance, rather than wave and turn in a meaningless, uniform pattern.

Nonstop Powerful Choreography

SHINee can make you lose your breath just from watching their nonstop, powerful dance moves that begin with the first beat of the song to its last. It would be on exaggeration to say that every part of their bodies touches all parts of the stage during their four minutes of uniform yet flowing choreography.

Of course, it did not come easy for SHINee, either. They revealed that "After the first practice, we thought we got run over by a car the next day because we were so sore all over." In addition, they have had to fill the void of Jonghyun, who is out with an injury, putting even more pressure to deliver the perfect performance.

Global Choreographer's Magic

SHINee now has something in common with Michael Jackson, Usher and Britney Spears.

They have had the same choreographer for one of their albums: Devin Jamieson, a world-renowned choreographer. Davin Jamieson was able to bring in the x-factor and add a flavor that is unique to his style while retaining everything that makes SHINee great.

With apparent growth in choreography, performance and expression of their music, SHINee has once again taken a step toward becoming better as musicians who provide a complete package in audio as well as video.

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