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Sistar's Dasom Responds To Hurtful Message On Instagram

By Kevin Fox | January 26, 2016 12:39 AM EST


Sistar's Dasom has responded to a user who sent her hateful messages on her Instagram account. 

On Jan. 22, Dasom uploaded a photo on her Instagram showing a screenshot of a hateful private message she had received.

In the caption of the photo, Dasom wrote, "I can usually hold back, but saying that my parents are dead on my father's birthday is something I can't let go. I've held back for six years, but now things are very difficult. I feel like dying."

In the now-deleted photo, one person sent an explicit, hateful private message to Dasom, insulting her parents and telling Dasom, "I hope you get into a car crash and die." 

In response to the brutally rude comment, Dasom did not hold back and expressed her thoughts to ther user.

"You have a pitiful life. You must be really hurting on the inside to send these kinds of messages. I'll pray for you and your miserable existence," she responded.

However, her response only fueled the anger of the anti-fan, who came back at her with a long paragraph insulting Dasom, her idol lifestyle, her parents, and more. 

Though Dasom did not respond back, she opted to upload a screenshot of the conversation on Instagram with hundreds of fans and followers leaving supportive messages under the photo.

In addition, n Jan. 25, Starship Entertainment responded to the harassment on Jan. 25 stating their desire to pursue legal action against malicious commenters.

"We will retaliate harshly to protect the rights of our artist," they said.

Another insider weighed in on the incident. "Just like last time, we will show no mercy in our response." 

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