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Best Korean Exfoliating Scrubs

By Rachelle D. | February 03, 2016 12:48 PM EST


Even the best, deepest cleansers can leave you with some skin questions. Did that oil cleanser really get every last toxin out of my skin? Is it possible for my foam cleanser to get all that nasty gunk out of the depths of my pores? It's not, really! That's why you need an exfoliating product.

They're not for every day use, especially if you tend to have dry skin or if you haven't sweat much during the day. But they're great for at least once or twice a week, when you start feeling like you've got some excess oils and dirt laying around, blocking your natural glow.

Want to dig everything out of those pores? Here are some great Korean exfoliators:

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

This is the beginning, middle, and end of exfoliating Korean masks. This is the one that helped Skinfood gain its reputation for healing, food-based products and also one of the key products that helped K-beauty grow outside of Korean borders. It starts off easy - just wipe it on a cleansed face, let it sit for 15 minutes or so, and rinse it off with a gentle face massage. You can start to feel the magic during that rinse. Your skin will feel alarmingly smooth and soft, and probably much airier and free. All in all, it's a mask that the masses have embraced for a reason.

Goodal Deep Clean Pore Glacial Clay

Goodal is known for taking advantage of one of Korea's oldest traditions - fermentation. The process helps jam pack its products with natural, complex ingredients that keep skin fortified. This mask is a particularly cooling one, and really works to remove oil, so it's best to use on hot summer days or if you have oily skin.

Mizon Seaweed Jelly Scrub

This is a great scrub for people who want that deep detox but have sensitive skin. It's a super mild scrub, but with the gentle exfoliants and nutrients of tried and true Korean seaweed, it gets rid of the junk while still moisturizing and fortifying the young skin that's left behind.

TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub

Don't neglect your lips while you're busy getting all the extra oil and dirt off your face. This lip scrub is invigorating and, if you've got super chapped lips, a lifesaver. You probably won't need it every day, but if you come home on a crisp winter day with cracked, dry lips, or if you want your lips to be a little extra smooth before you put on matte lipstick for a big night out, this scrub is your lips' new best friend.

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