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5 January K-Pop Releases To Get You Energized

By Samantha Marie Lifson | February 02, 2016 07:38 PM EST


With the holiday season just behind us, it's not uncommon for January music releases to cling on to that familiar slow, ballad-y sound. Amidst all the beautiful slow songs that topped the charts, we wanted to shed some light on the tracks with heavier beats that are sure to get you moving in one way or another. Check out our five favorite tracks from January 2016 to get you up on your feet.

Cross Gene - Noona, You

"Noona, You" is the most in-your-face track on our list. Cross Gene wastes no time exploding onto the music scene with this driving, bass heavy comeback. Even with the slowed speed of the second verse, and a hip hop inspired rap break at the bridge, "Noona, You" easily injects the listener with enough energy to get through the day. Plus we guarantee you'll be singing "La, la, la, la" all week.

FEISTAR's Yezi - Cider

Yezi channels all the girl power, assertive energy that we could want from her first solo release. If you're not already dancing along, we guarantee that you'll at least be strutting down the street with "Cider" playing in your ears. Yezi exudes confidence while she claims she's "sick of being cool," but truthfully we think she's one of the coolest.

Royal Pirates - Dangerous

"Dangerous" is not hyper pop energy, but rather taps into the 2000s pop punk vibe that is both inspiring and empowering. Through smooth chord progressions and a steady vocal build, "Dangerous" is the type of song to put on when you need to scream away a bad day. Royal Pirates definitely welcomes you to join them in their energetic music exploration.

IMFACT - Lollipop

If you're looking for a jump around dance track simply step into IMFACT's debut track "Lollipop." A song as sweet as its title, "Lollipop" is filled with all the bubblegum pop energy that we could want. There's also enough "nae nae"-ing in the choreography that you'll learn the official dance in no time. Even just watching the members of IMFACT jump and dance around the music video is enough to get you hyped for the week. So if you're ready to party, make sure you put "Lollipop" on your playlist.

Stellar - Sting

"Sting" may not be the most active song on the list but its funk-inspired, keyboard based beat certainly has us wanting to shake our shoulders and dance. Not to mention the sexiness that Stellar always exudes in their videos is more than enough to make a listener feel just as good as the girls look. Maybe you're not ready for the high-driving oomph of some of the other January tracks. In that case, we recommend "Sting" as the perfect warm up to get you ready to go.

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