5 Must-See CNBLUE Live Concert Performances

Idol groups going on tour is nothing new, but no matter how times you see an act, it's always exciting and you need to prepare. And there's no better way to prepare for any K-pop concert than by listening to their latest album and watching videos of your favorite group at other concerts.

The idol band CNBLUE is heading to Singapore this week for a show on Saturday and we compiled a list of some of their best performances over the past few months of the "Come Together" tour.

5. The start of any concert sets the tone for the show, and CNBLUE's "Come Together" tour in Shanghai picked up with "Domino." The graphics and CNBLUE's stage presence alone are enough to ensure "Come Together" looks good, but it's their first opening bars of music that really make fans excited for what's to come later in the night.

4. This performance from CNBLUE's recent stop in Bangkok last month give CNBLUE's instrumentals the time to shine, while still offering up ample expressive vocals from the members. The group plays some of their most beloved songs, performing newer versions of some old hits. The clip is one of the clearest of CNBLUE's recent tour, and it's absolutely phenomenal.

3. The performance of "Footsteps," one of CNBLUE's building rock song, is one of the biggest highlights of the "Come Together" tour. The song, one of the most evenly distributed vocal arrangements that CNBLUE has to offer, starts quiet and ends up becoming a powerful, upbeat song and is a definite not to miss moment of "Come Together."

2. This video is once again Yonghwa focused, but it's what the lead singer does when he's not crooning that makes this clip so fun. In the middle of the song, while he struts on stage with his guitar, Yongwa goes absolutely crazy and just lets loose. He's dancing with the audience, responding to the fans, laying down on stage... He's clearly having fun, and at the end of the day that's what musicians should be doing.

1. With nearly 25,000 views, this compilation video from CNBLUE's Shanghai stop of the Come Together tour has the group performing multiple songs. With a camera focused on leader Yonghwa, the group performs "Holiday," "Catch Me," and "Cinderella," the latter two of which are off of group's newest album, "2gether." While it's nice to hear the new songs, the best thing about this video is that the instruments and Yonghwa's vocals come across almost perfectly. Good quality video and audio make this a must-see CNBLUE performance.

Date: February 13, 2016 (Saturday)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time: 7PM
Ticket Price: S$268, $208, $178, $148, $118 (Excluding booking fee)
Booking Hotline: 3158 7888
Tickets are also available at all Singpost outlets and the Singapore Indoor Stadium box office


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