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CNBLUE Give Fans In Singapore A Different Kind Of K-Pop Concert Experience

By iReporter Team | February 15, 2016 04:25 PM EST


The sixth stop on CNBLUE's "Come Together" tour, which began in Shanghai last October, landed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Feb. 13, and fans were in for a real treat. For two hours, CNBLUE played many of their hit singles for a screaming crowd of 5,000 fans.

Singapore has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for K-pop tours with dozens of concerts on the sunny island over the past few years. For the show this past Saturday, however, CNBLUE offered something a bit different from the usual Korean fare.

1. RAW

There was no thematic backdrop, no portable stage area to elevate above the crowd, no backup singers or dancers, no guest artist, no fancy costumes, no synchronized dance steps and definitely no lip syncing. Music and vocals were expertly provided by the quartet - bassist Lee Jung Shin, drummer Kang Min Hyuk, guitarist Lee Jong Hyun and lead singer Jung Yong Hwa.


The crowd certainly wasn't fooled by the band's flower boy looks, either. Each member can play at least two different instruments, showing that CNBLUE are more versatile pop stars than most of their Korean contemporaries. With the exception of their early singles "I'm a Loner" and "Love," the other 19 songs performed during the set were to varying degrees written and composed by Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun.

The live show is also a rare chance for fans to hear new rearrangements and improvisations from CNBLUE compared to their album offerings. With countless concerts under their belts over their six years as a group, the four bandmates are seasoned pros able to adapt to any unforeseen glitch. Despite experiencing issues with the guitar and sound system part way through one of the songs, the group were able quickly bounce back and impress the crowd.


Even though all the members hail from Korea, CNBLUE showed their willingness to connect to the audience without the help of an interpreter. Judging by how confidently they communicated with the audience in English, Mandarin and also the local dialect Singlish, providing a memorable experience for fans is a task taken seriously by the quartet. Even with some mispronunciation, the crowd excitedly cheered their bold effort.

Min Hyuk: sure bo (really sure?), kamsia (thank you)

Jong Hyun: concentrate on me hor (just concentrate on me)

Jung Shin: xin nian kuai le, hong bao na lai (Happy new year, where's my red packet), ready anot (are you ready?)

Yong Hwa: wa ka li gong (let me tell you), huat ah (to prosper), so difficult leh (it's so difficult)


Known for their serious, hardworking attitudes, it is shocking to note that these mature and seasoned performers are only in their mid-twenties. Cute close-ups shown on the stage screens, flowing confetti cannons, and enthusiastic banter about local chilli and pepper crabs were among the memorable crowd-pleasing concert highlights.

Yong Hwa, the eldest amongst them at 26, was by far the most energetic on stage, drawing the crowd in with an endless showcase of his wide vocal range as he ran around the three extended stages switching between different guitars, an electronic keyboard and a synthesizer.


In line with Valentine's Day, fans filled the venue with a sea of lighted red and white LED balloons during the encore segment, earning a nod of appreciation from the band.

Yong Hwa even declared "I'm really happy to be able to spend this romantic night with you. When I feel tired while preparing this concert, I always get my energy from all of you," gaining loud cheers from the fans.

"I promise I'll come back here every year, forever, till the end," he said before the final encore song. "This is the best present that you gave me. I can only give you my handshake. Sing a song with me, 'Hold My Hand.'"

While most K-pop boy bands tend to attract young female fans, the audience for CNBLUE's "Come Together in Singapore" was incredibly varied with teens and adults, women and men seen enjoying themselves dancing and singing along, confirming that there is no barrier when it comes to good music!


1 - Domino
2 - Hide & Seek
3 - I'm a Loner
4 - Can't Stop
5 - Footsteps
6 - Love
7 - Roller Coaster
8 - Coffee Shop
9 - I'm Sorry
10 - Lady
11 - Hero
12 - IRONY
13 - Stay Sober
14 - Realize
15 - Holiday
16 - Catch Me
17 - Cinderella
18 - Radio
19 - Try Again, Smile Again
20 - Love Light
21 - Hold my hand

Special thanks to ONE PRODUCTION for inviting to cover 2016 CNBLUE LIVE [COME TOGETHER] in Singapore.

Writer: Wang | Photo Credits: ONE Production/Marcus Lin

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