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Cosmic Girls Present Visual Art From Swarovski For Debut Next Week

By James Buhain | February 16, 2016 03:05 AM EST


Korean-Chinese female group Cosmic Girls will showcase some visual art upon their debut.

On Feb. 3, Cosmic Girls' agencies, Starship Entertainment and Yue Hua Entertainment, announced the group's plan to present visual art in both their debut album and music video for jewelry brand Swarovski on Feb. 25.

The members of Cosmic Girls will wear custom made costumes and jewelry crafted by Swarovski.

Starship Entertainment's director, Seo Hyun Joo, expressed his thoughts of on the Swarovski collaboration.

"It is an honor to work on a collaboration project with global luxury brand Swarovski," said Seo Hyun Joo, as reported by Yahoo Celebrity"Cosmic Girls will express their story in diverse ways using Swarovski's jewelry."

Swarovski is an Austria based jewelry brand founded in 1895.

Cosmic Girls consists of 12 members - Cheng Xiao, Bona, Dayoung, Xuan Yi, Yeoreum, Eunseo, SeolA, EXY, Soobin, Mei Qi, Dawon, and Luda. The members' ages range from 16 to 21 years old, with three members from China.

Despite the group not making an official debut, the members has been active with various outlets including music video, vocal covers, video appearances, and magazine photo shoots. All videos are uploaded on Cosmic Girls' official YouTube channel.

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