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How Much Profit Did Korea's Top 5 Entertainment Agencies Make In 2015?

By Kevin Fox | March 05, 2016 03:28 PM EST


Income statements for the top five entertainment agencies in Korea have been revealed, showing each company's sales, net profit, and net income within 2015.

Included in the chart were entertainment companies SM, YG, FNC, JYP, and Cube.

SM Entertainment led 2015 in revenue, achieving over 325 billion KRW in sales while YG Entertainment followed with 193 billion KRW, only reaching around 60% of SM's income. 

The other three companies, FNC, JYP, and Cube, had sales of 72 billion KRW, 50 billion KRW, and 22 billion KRW, respectively. 

Although SM dwarfed YG in terms of sales, they had a lower net income than YG Entertainment, suggesting YG has a higher profit margin than SM. SM Entertainment's net income in 2015 was around 18 billion KRW. Meanwhile, YG's net profit accumulated about 24 billion KRW. 

Although all the companies had impressive sales figures, one company stood out from the rest in achieving a negative net income for 2015.

Cube Entertainment had over 22 billion KRW in sales in 2015. However, their net income came to negative 5.5 billion KRW. To put that into perspective, the company's net income in 2014 was less one-fifth of that total, at 1 billion KRW. 

In 2014, JYP had a slightly lower net income than FNC, but in 2015, they regained their lead and retook their position as the No. 3 company in terms of net income at 3.2 billion won. In comparison, FNC's net income was only 2.2 billion won in 2015. 

SM's sales seem to have gone up as a result of their acquisition of Woolim Entertainment, which houses popular groups Infinite and Lovelyz. YG's high figures can be attributed to Big Bang's MADE album and subsequent world tour.

In the chart below, the columns show sales, profit, and net income (profit after taxes and interest are paid) for the years 2014 and 2015.

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