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Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed March 2016

By Nikole Smith | April 03, 2016 10:10 AM EDT


The comebacks are getting more energizing as we gear up for the spring season! March had some refreshingly new comebacks with some upbeat and playful fashion! Let’s check it out!

"Call You Bae" by Jimin (AOA) feat. Xiumin (EXO)

“Call You Bae” was the epitome of a refreshing spring season. The music video for “Call You Bae” was filled bright pastels plenty of powder pinks. Jimin and Xiumin exhibited the classic couple look donning casual clothes including sweater vests, button downs and berets.

"Mirror" by FIESTAR

Contrary to pastels, FIESTAR returned with a dark and lovely concept this March. The quintet cladded themselves in loose fitting black and white lace with hints of gold added including on their accessories. Each member’s individual look featured a small splash of color with blues and reds as well.

"Hold My Hand" by Lee Hi

Lee Hi’s look in the music video for “Hold My Hand” featured a multitude of comfortably casual yet stylish cute outfits perfectly suited for the soloist. This ranged from graphic tees to long flowing white dresses to simple denim skirts and sweatshirts. Pretty much any look that one is into could likely be found in “Hold My Hand”. Lee Hi’s hair was also made to match the variety outfit changes through mini buns, long and straight, braided and more.

"One Of These Nights" by Red Velvet

Definitely a 180 from their “Dumb Dumb” doll concept, Red Velvet switched up this time around for something a little dressier in the “One Of These Nights” music video. The attire for this concept featured many geometric and abstract patterns paired with an overall vintage style hinting at the 60’s era at some points.

"Fly" by GOT7

GOT7 may be one of the few groups that can pull off an outfit as simple as the ones used in “Fly” yet make it look this amazing. The boys sported thick baby blue jackets over a simple white tee with beige pants and matching baby blue sneakers. The same out was yet done in reverse having red jackets with black tees and pants with black high-tops. As these were the outfits for the main dancing scenes, the boys also rocked casual outerwear in their individual snippets.

"Bonnie & Clyde" by DEAN

Rather than the cute couple concept, the music video for “Bonnie & Clyde” stayed true to the bad boy-bad girl aspect in both attitude and fashion. Rising R&B artist, DEAN, sported his signature snapback while other scenes accentuated his flawlessly gelled back hair. At one point, the singer even manages to make a Hawai’ian plant patterned shirt look alluring.

"Remember That" by BTOB

BTOB returned to capture the hearts of fans with their latest track “Remember That”. Although there weren’t many outfits changes throughout the music video, the outfits that were featured followed a very clean and chic style.

“A Few Years Later” by Block B

Block B had a chic look of their own in their recent music video for “A Few Years Later”. However Block B chose to add some flare to their style with various splashes of color, thick earrings, and dashing lenses.

 “Today” by JJCC

The boys of JJCC helped bring more warm feelings to start of spring this March with their revitalizing good-boy concept. Their overall look featured plenty of classic denim, sweaters, sneakers, and knits for cool and comfortable style.

“Liar Liar” by Oh My Girl

A more playful comeback this time around, the ladies of Oh My Girl went for refreshing and innocent in their style for “Liar Liar”. High-waisted skirts seemed to be one of the more dominant looks in the music video which do become quite trendy during the spring season.

Spring is definitely upon us as many groups are bringing out their vibrant colors. But as the weather gets warmer, the comebacks gets hotter. April is already expecting comebacks by Laboum, VIXX, and Seventeen!

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