K-Pop Fans From Around The Globe Flock To Toronto For An Idol-Filled Weekend

By Leah Westbrook | June 01, 2016 12:01 AM EDT


K-Pop fans from around the world flocked to the Metro Toronto Convention Center this past weekend to catch some of the hottest acts in the industry.

While convention-goers had the opportunity to sit in on panels, visit vendor booths and sample wares, it was the chance to meet, watch and interact with idols that really drew fans to the convention over the holiday weekend.

Jellyfish Entertainment's VIXX, Source Music's GFRIEND, and JYP Entertainment's DAY6 and GOT7 all traveled to Toronto to be a part of the weekend's festivities.

With fan-meetings scheduled throughout the 3-day event, fans had the opportunity to not only watch their beloved groups perform, but also got to spend time getting to know a little more about them. Better yet, at each fan-meeting, a handful of lucky audience members were randomly selected to join the group on-stage as together, idols and fans competed in various games.

From charades to mind-reading to step-counting, idols and fans alike, danced, laughed, screeched and wiggled their way around the stage. Some to victory, others to defeat. The winning fan of each competition walked away with a signed album from the group, an unexpected prize to be sure. However, it's safe to say no fan participating in these competitions walked away disappointed as every participant will carry memories of these moments with them for a lifetime.

As much fun as the games and Q&A sessions were, it was really the groups' performances that wowed the fans as each of them gave a stellar performance.

VIXX, known for their their heavily themed concepts and intense choreography, wowed Canadian Starlights with their powerful stage presence and impressive performance Friday night.

Things kicked off on Saturday with a stellar performance by GFriend, whose bubbling energy, overflowing sweetness, and an undying love of their fans filled the entire auditorium with love and light.

The wave of positive energy continued on Sunday, as DAY6's heart-felt performance moved the hearts of their fans. Raising banners across the auditorium as the band played brought tears to the eyes of several band members as the overwhelming flood of love and support of their fans washed over them.

Wrapping up things on both Saturday and Sunday night, GOT7 stole the hearts of every iGOT7 in the room, giving a performance none in attendance will ever forget.

With so many memorable performances taking place over the weekend, it's nearly impossible to say which was the best. Each group brought something different and wonderful to the convention and each fan in attendance walked away with a different set of favorite moments. The best one can say is that it was a weekend full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will be fondly remembered for years to come.

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