Crayon Pop Preparing For A Comeback?

The five-member group Crayon Pop is preparing for a comeback, nearly a year after their previous release. 

According to a music industry insider and various reports on June 25, Crayon Pop are currently working on songs for their upcoming album and are aiming for an August release.

Crayon Pop are known for their unique, wacky concepts, so it not unlikely that this comeback will also have a never-before-seen concept. 

However, according to Korean media outlet Star News, Crayon Pop is looking to diversify their many talents in this upcoming album. 

Recently, most of the members have been busy acting in or singing original soundtracks for TV dramas. 

Crayon Pop has recently been more active in Japan than in Korea, releasing their first Japanese album on Jan. 20 earlier this year and holding a concert tour in three cities in Japan. Their previous Korean album, "FM," came out in March 2015. 

Crayon Pop


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