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Album Review: Ailee – ‘A New Empire’

By Jaswin Singh | October 11, 2016 07:11 AM EDT


We all know that Ailee is one of the best singers in Korea. I have been a fan since "Heaven" and I have listened to all of her songs in her previous albums. With this one, it is obvious that she is a lot fiercer, she even got a new haircut. So I am hoping her album is too.

Here is the tracklist

Home - I love it when Ailee does RnB and not just belting out high notes (though there are still many in this song). If you listen to her previous albums, you know that there are more songs like this than her previous title tracks. I love the fact that she chose a song like this to promote. Yoon Mirae deep voice also added some greatness to the song.

Peek-a-boo - this song is really nice. I really love the beat. Her voice suits this type of songs. I like that it is chill but is also upbeat. When the beat dropped after during first chorus, I'm like yeah! This type of songs is where you just roll your body with it. It's really nice. It would have sound better without the unnecessary dude's ey. Kinda annoying.

Feelin' - this song is like a song from the early 2000's except for the beats. I like the beat change during the chorus. Of course, Ailee's voice is great. I don't think there will be a song that her voice is not good. I thought Eric will song more but he is just a featuring so it was just a little. It was still nice. I like Eric Nam. I would have love it when they sang together more.

Live or Die - My favourite song from the album. The gloomy atmosphere of the song, Ailee's voice, the beat, everything is so good. Then the chorus came, it was so good. The rap part is not that awkward. It actually fitted the song because of its beat. The ending was a bit abrupt though.

I Need You - another favourite from the album. This one is more on the slower side of RnB. I love the piano sound, it complemented well with the beat and Ailee's voice. I love the chorus. I would listen to this song all day. This song is perfect for autumn and rainy season. I also love that she did not belt out the note that much. It would have ruined the thing it has going.

If You - Ailee can definitely sing any type of songs but this kind is her forte. She needs to sing songs like this more often. I miss her singing ballad songs and this one is the closest. Her upbeat and RnB songs are great but maybe once in a while, she should sing ballads not just for OSTs.

Ailee's album has always been good. Just her title tracks sound the same. I wouldn't say this one sounds different but it is more RnB that her previous albums. This time, her album is my cup of tea so I'll give this 4.8 out of 5.

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