Go Ara and Seo Ye-Ji the female characters in ‘Hwarang’

Two young pretty actresses Go Ara and Seo Ye-Ji are selected to become female lead cast members of new KBS2 drama “Hwarang.” This will be a wonderful experience for them to play with five handsome actors.

Both Go and Seo are selected to accompany the group of five handsome men known as Hwarang. Go will be playing the role of a calligrapher named A-Ro while Seo will be princess Sook-Myung.

The story of “Hwarang” takes place in the ancient kingdom of Silla about a group of elite young men from selected noble and aristocrat families, who are trained to be warriors for the kingdom. The lead male characters are actor Park Seo-Joon and Do Ji-Han, accompanied with idol group member from Shinee, BTS and ZEA, Choi Min-Ho, Kim Tae-Hyung and Park Hyung-Sik respectively.

Although Go and Seo are of the same age, Go has ten more years experience than Seo. She debuted in 2003 playing a leading role in teenage drama “Sharp” and reprises her role in the sequel drama “Sharp#2.” She made a breakthrough performance three years in “Snow Flower” aired in SBS in 2006, followed by “Who Are You?” an MBC comedy drama.

She gained international recognition through the well-known “Reply” nostalgic trilogy drama. She was cast in the second installment of the comedy drama, “Reply 1994” as Sung Na-Jung alongside veteran actor Sung Dong-Il who played as her father. In the big screen, Go played in the Japanese movie about Gengkhis Khan “To the Ends of the Earth and Sea” in 2007 and last year movie “Phantom Detective.”

While Seo started her career ten years later, starring in tvN sitcom “Potato Star 2013QR3” as a supporting cast. A year later she as cast as major role in the MBC drama “Diary Of A Night Watchman,” followed by tvN thiller drama “Last” playing with veteran actor Lee Bom-Soo and former member of idol group go.d Yoon Kye-Sang.

Watch Lina Kwon interviewed Seo in Arirang TV “Showbiz Korea” with an English subtitle, after her excellent performance in “Moorim School” in March this year.

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