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Twice: “TT” Slaying Like Always Plus Momo’s Birthday And MiMo Pepero Kiss With The Help Of Sana

By Jaswin Singh | November 09, 2016 03:19 AM EST


Twice has broken so many records since they have released "TT" and now, they are still breaking them. Just last week, after winning on SBS "Inkigayo", Twice's "TT" has achieved "perfect all kill" or PAK again. Also, "TT" is the kpop music video who gained 40 million views the fastest.

Today, it is Twice's Momo's birthday. The Twice members celebrated her birthday at yesterday's fan sign. JYP Entertainment twitter and Facebook account have posted and greeted Momo a happy birthday with a hash tag "HappyMomoDay". Onces, Twice's fandom name, has also greeted the main dancer a happy birthday with tweets, pictures, videos and gifs.

Moreover, during their fan sign yesterday, there was an incident that happened. After the Twice members sang Happy Birthday to Momo, Momo offered a pepero to Mina and Mina took it gladly. While doing the infamous pepero game (where both person will eat the pepero on each end and ultimately going in for a kiss), Sana, the other Japanese member who likes kisses, pushed with both her hands the faces of Momo and Mina resulting in an accidental kiss.

The two members were both shocked but Momo recovered quickly and even ate the remaining pepero while Mina was still in shock. Mina even hid under the table because she was super shocked. According to fan accounts, Sana was apparently sorry after what she did as she got shy and hid behind Chaeyoung. Other members did not really see what happened except for some. Nayeon even asked why was Mina hiding and Momo just pointed at her lips.

Fans were super shocked and happy that the incident happened. There are ships within the group and Mina x Momo ship is one of the most famous but many dubbed them as a sinking ship. However, after the "kiss" it will definitely sail again.

Watch the videos below!

Full view with MoNayeon Pepero Kiss

Close up

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