Zico releases ‘Bermuda Triangle’ featuring Dean and Crush’s sweet vocals

By jasmooOnce | November 28, 2016 03:28 AM EST


Block B's Zico has released another chart topping digital solo single. He released "Bemuda Triangle" featuring RnB singers Dean and Crush.

Block B's Zico released his song at midnight November 28. He also released the music video together with the song. The music video is really simple but shows the meaning of the song well. First scene was the three in an abandoned place that looks like a dessert of some sort. Then when Zico starts rapping, it showed him in different scenes showing different types of Zicos.

There was also a scene where Zico is showing off his wealth with a bag full of money and a hotel. The three were also present in what seems like a church. Korean hip hop fans are really happy with the song. Zico's lyrics are really well written and his rap was well delivered as always.

The song itself is really good. Dean and Crush's voices added something to Block B's Zico song. Dean was the first one who sang and his intro was really good. Crush's voice is also very much appreciated in the song. Even though his parts were very auto tuned, it was nice.

The melody of the song changes a lot but Zico's rap is still well executed. The song and everything was written and produced by Zico himself. The beat is really addictive like all of Zico's song.

Fans of the three artists are really happy with the collaboration. They love that the three has finally get to do a song together. They are also called digital monsters because every time one releases a song, it tops all of Korean music charts.

The song has already reached number one on all of Korean music charts like we all expected for it to be. Watch the music video below and jam with the song! 

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