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CL, Dean, and Eric Nam all try to break into the US music scene

By analine Murphy | December 02, 2016 04:58 PM EST


The effect of the K-Pop phenomena has diffused worldwide. Many artists have captured concerts, movies, and TV drama slots that have been catching up in many regions of the world. Soon, American music performers will have K-pop artists to rub elbows with.

In one of the front covers of Time magazine, CL, Eric Nam, and Dean are the three K-Pop artists eyed to make it big on the American music frontlines. It is no surprise then, that the Korean artists have not snuffed intentions to make it big in the US.

Heading the list is CL of the recently-disbanded 2N1. She holds a record of 5.2 million streams for her lead solo track "Lifted." It scored 94th on the Billboard 100 listing for October 2016, her second after grounding 97th on the Hot 100 with PDY's DADDY in December 2015.

Singer-songwriter alternative R&B icon Dean, who has made his US presence strongly, is a next contender. He has worked with South Korean artists since his "underground" love for music that started in middle school.

Korean-born, Dean debuted in the US via "I'm Not Sorry" with Grammy winner Eric Beringer. His songwriting stint in Korea made him a name by producing tunes for VIXX and EXO.  

Collaborative work with Korean-American producers offered him a partnership in the US. Stints with sweet music spots like the Irving Plaza in New York are well noted. He also plotted one of the most-watched YouTube videos on 2015.

Dean's combined style of R&B, hip- hop, EDM, K-Pop culture 90s, garage, and indie rock (1980's rock and roll influence prevalent in the UK), is something to beat.

Coming close in the name list is Eric Nam, born in the US to Korean migrant parents. He is a singer, songwriter, TV host, entrepreneur and entertainer now based in Korea.

Compared to the two singers, his attempt to break into the American music came earlier, having lived in the US as a young aspiring artist. He does not have the traditional profile of a K-Pop artist in his performances, in that backup singers are absent in his shows.

Although Eric Lam has no billboards to announce his song engagements, or electrifying dance choreography as seen in both CL and Dean, his US fans are swept off by his style.

While the two have to study how to diversify their tunes in English to cross over, Eric Nam has the language fluency that radiates in his songs - a good indicator of a positive crossover.

Many observers say that K-pop is the hardest to stream within the American music industry. The observation validates the fact that until lately, Korean artists sing in Korean songs with a sprinkling of American words and phrases.

With such accomplishments, what chances do they have in breaking into the US music industry?

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