Thunder dances with 'Sign' in new MV featuring Goo Hara

Former MBLAQ member Thunder, has finally released his first ever solo song "Sign" featuring Goo Hara, who is also a former member of a girl group, Kara.

In the music video, Thunder is trying to woo a girl that he likes. He does things to woo the girl. At first, he takes her number. Second mission was holding the girl's hand. The last one was kissing the girl.

In each mission, if Thunder fails to do it right, her sister, Dara, is there to repeat time so Thunder can do the mission right. In between his missions, Thunder shows off his slick dance moves. In the end, Dara is shown nodding her head happily.

Even though Hara is not on the music video, she is featured in the song. Also, Thunder's famous sister, Dara, a former 2ne1 member, is also in the music video. Dara is supporting his younger brother through appearing in his music video.

The song is really lively. It is a mixture of pop rock and funky beats. Thunder's husky voice and Hara's soft vocals fitted perfectly with the song. Their different voices blended well and created a nice sound.

Thunder might promote on music shows with Hara herself. Since Thunder is dancing with a girl that is not Hara in the music video, they might do it on live performances.

Mystic Entertainment has helped Thunder to release his first ever solo song and album. Thunder signed under their entertainment after leaving his group MBLAQ. MBLAQ has now only three members after Lee Joon left with Thunder.

Fans are noticing that there is something different in Thunder. They are saying that Thunder looks different. However, most of them are still praising his handsome face.

Fans are happy that Thunder gets to do what he really likes even after quitting MBLAQ, being an idol and composing.

Watch Thunder's solo debut "Sign" below!

Thunder ft Hara
Thunder Sign
Thunder solo


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