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EXID’s Solji shares details on her dating life in ‘On the Way to the Round 3’ SBS mobile app MobidicTV

By Menahem Zen | December 10, 2016 01:20 PM EST


Solji shares her dating life and love story in the talk show which aired through SBS mobile app TV MobidicTV. The talk show is named "On the Way to the Round 3" tentatively.

According to MK News, she was accompanied by female comedian Shin Bong-Sun, singer and actor Jung Chan-Woo, and singer Tak Jae Hoon. The talk show is a new program from the new SBS mobile app television program called MobidicTV.

The concept of the talk show is about sitting and drinking after a dinner and a night out. The name round three means the third drinking round of the night after dinner and party, the first and second round.

As reported by News1, Solji talked about her relationship and romance and revealed some interesting facts. She said that when she became famous men are afraid to try and get close to her, while she is never the one who makes the first move.

"I never approach a guy first," the 27-year old singer said. "In the past, I never like the younger guy, but I do not care about it right now."

MobidicTV also shares the Solji episode in the "On the Way to the Round 3"' in their official Instagram as shown below:

Solji also bewildered her senior Tak during the show by suddenly asking him about his recent love life. Tak, who was just recently divorced from his wife in April last year, dodged the question after taken back for awhile. He said that people normally don't ask him that kind of question.

Tak divorced from his wife Lee Hyo-Rim after married for 15 years. The divorce process took ten months to finalize after Lee filed a divorce paper in June 2014 and finally ended up well, as Tak agreed to provide full financial support their children, a son, and a daughter. Lee cited the reason to divorce him due to his infidelity with three women during their marriage.

Solji who may not know the complexity of a divorce process asked the question bluntly to her senior. Thankfully, Tak is smart enough to redirect the question.

Watch the preview of the "On the Way to the Round 3" talk show featuring Solji and Tak from MobidicTV below:

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