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Drama Review:A Princess Meets the Scholar;' My Sassy Girl' Takes a New Spin

By analine Murphy | December 20, 2016 11:25 AM EST


Royalty, Princess (Oh Yeon-Seo) slips into a smart, scholar, a self-recluse Joo-won. And a plot starts another k-pop period drama that is all fixed to air early next year.

What will make this a watch catch in the prime time will depend on how much substance it can present that sets it distant from the original 2001 script?

One thing with a Sageuk drama that this new rom-com banners with is, it flashes a culture so intense. One will likely challenge how the characters will bulge with a grand time of a history seized in the storyline.

What is even more engaging is when the drama initiates the viewers to look into an era. Sometimes the setting and the ridge of characters comes in between what one desires to enjoy. It being so, one anchors no limits on welcoming new character profiles that the story rates.

'My Sassy Girl "to one who has the least introduction to the period the story turns, will likely slip into this trap. In a sageuk, the culture and the period when the story circles won't fail to control what the act seeks to proffer.

A royalty gets entangled with a commoner; a peasant falls in love with royalty. Expectedly, the onlookers suspect a typical scenario of gangsters, a second man always better than the lead character yet the lady lead will never understand he is worth her affection. These all, are preconceived scenarios that sell among avid viewers.

They characterize most k-dramas that court high ratings in the boob tubes.There will be romantic scenes that the TV watchers feign for the lead characters to take on. How will the kiss happen, will it be the mythical pull-on wrist manner?

The epoch according to dramabeans is the Joseon-era. Those period costumes grant them as a beautiful pair.. Very likable. The audience will demand them to be in love forever as would a romantic piece caters.

It is a love scheme between a princess who finds getting into any trouble a challenge and brazen scholar. It orbits on  the young lovers and the fruition of both personal and intellectual ambition. How this premise will keep the viewers pinned will likely depend on how active the romance conflict can stay.

For the most part, episodic as it is, there will always be a cut off on the central thesis that gyrates on each episode. Furthermore, how will the scholar, turn rigid lover of himself and his scholarly ideas be a strong contender in the twists of the central action. Per allkpop, Oh Yeon-Seo and Joo-won play the princess and the scholar respectively.

Expect quite a twist when he meets the sassy Princess. What he does to pursue the love interest will have a firm grip on how well this drama will peak ratings on the viewer engagement board.

How will the carefree, naughty Princess sustain that persona when the mighty scholar converts one of those she takes as a test. Will he be an unreasonable fight worth the worry she regularly courts?

Will she retain the cheerfulness everyone accords her wit? The challenge that this book hooked smarty 's intricacy will post is a focus the viewers won;t fail to get glued on.

That, interestingly the viewers will keep in mind. The dare furthermore is unearthing what zest is added to the original script. Will it be a hard copy of the earlier successful drama piece on television?

Lee Jung-shin and Kim Yoon-hye play second leads.

Despite production kinks that have been noted in character changes and production schedules, the period drama is arranged to release early next year under SBS productions.

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