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Drama Review: Missing 9 Reveals New Feeds: Despair Sinks In

By analine Murphy | December 20, 2016 11:23 AM EST


In a survival movie, the conflict cannot be built stronger upon any cinematic device than by injecting the element of desperation at one point in the run.

How the characters feel will secure a good catch among viewers. They turn curious on what shifts the characters when emotions run downright critical.

TV-drama  Missing 9 has released more stills to attract couch potato small screen drama enthusiasts come January. Through a flashback, the storyline is retold.

This time, the Missing 9 publicity focuses on the characters' match with desparation according to dramabeans. With the unknown, a few character sketches are added. And the stars line up could almost field celebrities seeking one previous tv dramas to another. A package deal indeed.

By way of going back to the original post, the narrative grinds on the story teller, ( for the jury to investigate), the makeup artist Baek Jin Hee. She comes behind after four months to Korea.

Per makemefeed, the country she returns to hurls upside down over the loss of the celebrities. Now, flabbergasted by the reception she receives, she has to speak up. She gets squeezed matter of factly, in a crash she all alone remembers.

Then she settles.There are some details she wouldn't want to say. Were they the  self-inflicting pain to her, is she guarding the celebrities missing, after all, they are luminaries whose private lives they might want concealed?

Like any survival movie, desperation starts to set in. While the publicity halts in going into the most dramatic scenes that show struggle among the characters, the anticipation comes into play. 

Who are the clingers to survive? Who emerges as a leader? Who says he has to survive no matter what? Desperation too will be creeping in depending on the characters' status, the young,(Chan Leol), the older one's and add the loafer ( come what may), Aka Jung Kyung Ho.

The point that they all belong to the entertainment industry will be a significant unifying factor or otherwise. It is not remote that the survival status will be likened to the greatest survival movie ever told in the cinema inspired by Lord of the Flies, the novel.

The striking resemblance is the isolation in an island where characters are young male kids. How the depression compares to the children, will be an interesting take this movie will present.

Innocence versus experience will show a significant contrast but how despair can play significantly on both types of characters make this survival movie worth prying into.

It is sure entertainment ( as character stereotypes pop up) value in the desperate move to live in some unexpected moments. Grown up as they are, the stand that makes  the struggle more deviant is a queasy take- get out of there unscathed. It will give this high in attention ( surprise if one wishes ) value.

The element of despair can make this drama very engulfing; The viewers can't wait.

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