Peak Into AKMU’s Studio In Singapore

Akdong Musician (AKMU), comprises of K-Pop sibling duo, Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun, held their very first showcase 'AKMU Studio In Singapore' on 9th December 2016. Approximately 1,000 fans attended their first concert at Kallang Theatre.

The concert started with 'How People Move' from their new album, 'Spring' where they did a cute dance during the interlude of the song which made the crowd cheer loudly. They then sang 'Is It Ramen' and did an introduction of themselves in English. This made their fans cheered for them even more. They also expressed that they are currently studying different languages hoping to converse better to different fans from different countries. With that, Suhyun then said "I love you" in English and the fans loved it! Chanhyuk then explained that the set up on stage was filled with guitars and albums to recreate the look of a studio. They continued with 'Every Little Things' written by Chanhyuk himself as a reminder that as they work towards their goals, they should not miss out on the little things that brought them far.

They carried on the show with 'Re-Bye' which has a jazzy feel to it and 'Melted' which showcased Suhyun's soothing yet powerful vocals accompanied with the band and her brother. It is one song that really show how talented the duo are in singing!

AKMU then took a seat on stage and this brought us to the next part of the concert which was a mini interview. Dee Kosh, a famous DJ in Singapore came on stage to emcee the next section. The section started with Dee Kosh asking about Suhyun's new hair style, she replied that it was for a preparation of an upcoming album, giving the fans a hint that they will be having a comeback soon. Suhyun then commented that Dee Kosh hair was styled in a special way with all hair gelled standing up and he replied Suhyun that his hair was standing because they sang so well that his hair stood up. His reply made the siblings and the audience laughed. Chanhyuk also added that this was the first time that they are in Singapore and how this place had given them many memories. He said that one memory will be how supportive Singapore fans are. When questioned why, he further explained that there were so many fans in Changi Airport cheering for them when they arrived and some even made placards too! Dee Kosh continued the section by asking them, "What will you be doing if you are not singing?" Suhyun replied that she might go into musicals considering that she loves music, while Chanhyuk said that he might go into modeling. Immediately he stood up to demonstrate his model skills and this made the audience hyped up. The duo also said that their plans for Christmas this year is most likely to be singing for tours and festivals. The audience expressed their sadness considering that both siblings could not celebrate Christmas with their family. However, Suhyun added that it is fine with her since she loves to sing.

Dee Kosh suggested that since the set up on stage looked like a studio, he asked the audience to throw out some song requests to AKMU and the fans enthusiastically shouted songs and Chanhyuk told them to relax which made some audience laugh. Since they were unable to come to a conclusion, they sang the song 'Lucky' by Jason Mraz which Dee Kosh suggested. They also did their rendition of Taeyang's 'Eyes, Nose, Mouth' and 'Officially Missing You' by Tamia.

After which, Suhyun then said that she disliked having time to pass so fast because that means to say goodbye soon. They promised the fans to come back again with better greetings in English and they continued to sing a song composed by them to express their love for their fans.  

For the last 2 songs they had, Chanhyuk told the audience to stand up and just have fun with them for the last time while they sing and the fans waved their light sticks and sang along with them. As the duo made their way out of the stage, the fans continued to wave their light sticks and shouted "Encore!" and this brought a video on screen which showed both siblings singing in a bed room with Chanhyuk playing the guitar and Suhyun singing. It showed their bloopers in trying to speak English to greet Singapore fans and with that, they came back up on stage to sing 'Give Love' and ended with the song '200%'. They also introduced their band members and gave credits to them.

AKMU has definitely showed us their true passion for music during the concert and made the whole concert a lively and enjoyable one. We hope to see them back again in Singapore with more of their powerful vocals and bubbly personalities. AKMU Studio continues in Shanghai, China on 22nd December.

Watch AKMU performed ' Every Little Thing':

Special thanks to IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group for inviting to cover AKMU STUDIO IN SINGAPORE.

Writer: Tam Jie Qi | Photo and Video Credits: Ong Melin

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