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Drama Review:'The Thief Who Stole the People' Replaces' Rebel Hong Gil-dong':Production Fits for a January Airtime

By analine Murphy | December 20, 2016 11:28 AM EST


(Photo: Instagram, (Kyung-Yung Sang's official account.) Cast of soon to air The Man Who Stole the people is all set to shoot for an early January premiere on MBC.

In the works is a working set up for the new TV drama The Thief Who Stole the People ( formerly Rebel Hong Gil-dong ). It reels off on the small screen early 2017.

Yoon Kyun-sang, Kim Ji-Suk, Chae-Soo-bin, and Lee-Ha-Nui head the drama soon to take the viewers captive via MBC per hotheadlines. Based on the narrative concept, it promises to be a moving television spin that has action gripping in each episode.

A peek into the basic 

Storyline wise, the plot should output well as it has the promises of a good action and interweaving conflict having arisen in the likes of a Robin Hood movie.

The haunting set up is a noble man (partly) taking from the rich to distribute to the common people. Why he does this will split the genes he has. Is he doing it for rebellion?

He undoubtedly is a strong leader, that's undisputed, but he lacks the credentials ( biodata, if you may ). To be one is a side story more than willing to preempt what to expect from the lead role.

It is not a shock if that happens for, in the society where the story revolves, the surname he carries proves him an illegitimate son.

The paradox is, the noble father cannot give him the bustling title. The woman, his mother is a share of the King's concubine.

A workable angle
It is a welcome switch for this type of family setup being tugged on for a TV drama to focus on the son and not on the mother as part of the concubine. Remember My Sweet Concubine, the movie?

It was the conflict among the concubine women that is the center of the movie,  How would had it been had those children who are part of that union were the locus of the story?

Per dramabeans, there will be a strong characterization as the young widower (Chae Soo Bin) planned to avenge the death of her husband. She has so much hate for the king that stabbing him is an end she would wish she could eventually carry out. And the title would take on the misbegotten son (Yun Kyun-sang) who doesn't care for anything that governs the way his father, the king, does, in fact, he is a smuggling ring leader. The action will definitely have a strong focus on him.

Some loose ends

In this TV drama, so it is no secret that the center will be the travails of this gallant man stripping the rich for the poor. Story line-wise, there has not been a definite plot that goes well with how the story will present more than what the press releases already had.

For now, what will be very interesting to see is who will this gallant semi-noble man take from.
The audience is in for a big surprise when this boob tubes attention grabber goes on air in January.

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