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Yoon Kye Sang on 'L'Officiel Hommes' Cover; Appears Charming and Manly

By analine Murphy | December 21, 2016 04:59 AM EST


In a series of photos released recently, Yoon Kye Sang carried the cover of 'L'Officiel Hommes' with poses that say very manly and charming. It rubbed on with the images with the lead actor in the different stances that appear him ready to go on board for a travel.

It is apparently a quick travel based on the suitcases and leather dupple bags that are portions of the shoot.

Pep it up a little bit

For a guy who has been in the shadow of controversies lately; a girlfriend's nude photo edited as an image taking snapshots while he washes his dog, leftists comments about the Korean film industry, one would wonder how he escapes it all.

All the while, he is projecting an all lean sketch ready to go. It is perfecting a charming yet manly (per allkpop) image before his fans.

Riding high
This figures so strongly for Yoon Kye Sang in this recent fashion shoot for the well-known publication. The edition is an all men's fashion magazine that has different versions covering The Netherlands, Italy, China, Germany, Lebanon, Korea, Morocco, Ukraine, and Thailand.

Per askkpop, the photos make him all rugged at the same time sweet. The journal further writes that the manly look will give one a protection from the hands of a gentleman as well as with his words.

The photos speak
What does it take for celebrities to dress so they will project a man? In the photo pictorials, the manly appeal is well orchestrated: undone but clean look typical of a mustached face, hair let loose for an unkempt look, hair dyed to the auburn color that matches the clean suit.

The typical masculine drape ( classic black) and the jacket in subdued prints disguise how informal the event he is undertaking. In the video version, the travel buggies' logo comes quite dramatically. By the close up and audio narrative, anyone gets the impression that this one might be for a SAMSONITE bag and suitcase commercial!

In the stills where he is clad in the plain undershirt and a classic black suit, the eyeglasses fix like a brand that was meant for endorsement. This notwithstanding, yes, Yoon Kye Sang really gyrates a profile very manly.

Furthermore, the jacket and suit show the V silhouette of a face noted among Kpop actors.The no- socks- men's fashion is well captured while he sports black leather shoes and a light khaki loafer to match.

Finally, the dark blue jeans that consider the subdued impressions on the jackets worn on top is a compliment. It's a message that never fails to display the manly fashion that the photos want to install.

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