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Drama Teaser Review: SBS' Saimdang, Light’s Diary Drops off a Teaser; Breaking mirrors, breaking walls, TV airtime is on

By analine soriano Murphy | December 25, 2016 08:15 PM EST


SBS has a new boob tube clicker come 2017. In 2016, the viewers have had a glimpse of a sageuk type of a plot in the can. Different from the common semi-live show drama filming, this one has almost a year into the composition shoot. Good enough publicity catch.

Saimbang, Lights Diary will air as a Wednesday-Thursday drama on SBS. It premieres on January 25 when SBS' Legends of the Blue Seas. hits a curtain call.

The brand-new television ticker streams from a historical Korean drama production mold.The head character assumes a present day art /history teacher-lecturer who discovers a diary of a poetess from the past according to soompi.

The actress reprises both the present and past ( that justifies the character's thirst for research like finding the diary) drama setting.Digging into the storyline, there is a great connect between the characters of the past and the present by exhibiting the prevailing heroine lecturing about history.

It will establish the relationship of her research that points to the inciting force in the dramatic action. The poetess' diary comes out of the broken wall mirror.

And the action picks up at that point. What has it to do with her present life as a teacher? The plot will play on this quite quixotically.

Again, the catch in this piece is a beauteous display of the past that captures the exquisite flora of a setting that pushes into a recall. How a period would weave a story written in a diary is quite a piece that will hold anyone's interest in the story.

Also, the past bond between Seo Ji-Yoon(Lee Young-ae) and Lee Gyeom. (Song Seung-Heon) that justifies their existing circumstance will be an intriguing quest.In the script., Lee Gyeom. had met Seo Ji-Yoon as a young girl.

Technically, this will make the story cohesive enough to create a twist of conflict between the two characters, Perhaps, the writer is so cautious to put his element to make the lover's standing tight enough.

The teaser, 30 seconds in full captures quite a deal in what to expect in the drama. Cinematic effects of a glass wall breaking and the diary popping out is a visual that intensifies the thirst for knowing what the secret is all about.

The narrative in the teaser catches per dramabeans. Lee Gyeom talking parallel paths not crossing over.Yet, he has no repercussions going side by side with Seo Ji-Yoon is a strong dialogue that insinuates a passion so spotless.

Then again she utters out loud about creating a nation where all can dream. As an epilog, she declares before a shattered mirror why the diary had to appear before her.

Now, Saimbang's Light Diaries gets a deeper viewer engagement Costume wise, there is no doubt, it is well presented, colors well chosen. Digitally enhanced or not, bright to subdued hues were played to denote changes in the mood. Perhaps, when the lead characters come into the present play, the brighter ones are used. Then, the fields scenario, to blend with the sun's setting down, a mere subdued red backdrop is used.

Action wise, the teaser captivates an instance, not much wanting to unravel the whole conflict. There is just something in the cinematic effects in use that picks one to be earnest- open the diary right at this moment!

Will it grip the audience's sustained interest until the drama ends? The watch is on.

It's only thirty seconds long, but it just might whet the viewers' appetite for now after a series of scheduling changes and a pushed premiere date. Park Eun-Kyung and PD Yoon Sang-ho wrote and directed the drama respectively.


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