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Red Velvet’s Irene Loves Wendy’s Butt

By jasmooOnce | January 03, 2017 05:03 AM EST


We all know that Red Velvet's beautiful leader is obsessed with their main vocalist's cute butt. But how much does Irene actually loves Wendy's butt?

Red Velvet's shy and quiet leader has confessed time in time again that she really loves touching the members' behind. However, she has a favorite, Wendy's cute butt.

In the recent Gayo Festivals, Irene was seen touching Wendy's butt during their special stage with IOI, Twice and Gfriend. While they are lined up during the middle of the performance, Irene suddenly touched Wendy's butt.

There are other instances too. Red Velvet's Irene would even go to the other side of the stage just to touch Wendy's precious butt. Irene has also said in a variety show that in "Russian Roulette" the choreography has made it easier for her to appreciate Wendy's butt.

She has also confessed in "Weekly Idol" that she does touch other members' butt but her favorite is Wendy's. This made Red Velvet fans laugh as much as the MCs and the other members. The members find it fascinating that Irene does it.

They find it really cute as to how Irene, this very chic and shy goddess, actually loves to touch other people's butts.

Koreaboo has posted gifs and pictures of Irene touching Wendy's butt. There are many instances especially with their latest comeback of Irene touching Wendy's cute butt.

It is not new for SM stans for their favorite idols to declare their love for butts. Girl's Generation's unnies, Taeyeon and Sunny, have also declared on national television that they love touching the other members' butts.

Another compilation of Irene touching Wendy's butt is here. Many Red Velvet fans "ship" the unnies mainly because of it. They really find it cute when Irene openly proclaims her love for Wendy's butt.

Watch it all below.

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