Shinhwa’s Eric Mun gives BEAST legal advice in legal battle to keep the original group's name

Shinhwa member Eric Mun gives advice to BEAST for their legal battle with the former agency to keep their original group’s name. BEAST is now using the name B2ST, because their former agency said they own the trademark for the name BEAST. Eric and his group Shinhwa had been in the same situation with BEAST

BEAST has been using the name B2ST after they decided to not extend their contract with Cube Entertainment in December 2016. They formed new company Around US Entertainment to manage their activities on Dec. 15, 2016.

Mun and his six members faced the similar situation with BEAST in 2003. When he and his group Shinhwa ended their contract with SM Entertainment. Based on his experience he shared one important thing as reported by Insight. He emphasized the importance of the members to stay as one voice in regard to the legal issue.

“I am telling them the most basic thing is to stay together and have one voice,” Mun said. “I can’t advice other than that, because I don’t know the nature of the legal issues.”

According to YTN, reporter suddenly asked Shinhwa in the press conference of their comeback concert about BEAST. The reporter asked them the advice they suggested to their hoobae (junior) BEAST, which is now facing similar problem as they had.

Shinhwa faced a long legal battle for 12 years after ending their contract with SM Entertainment in 2003. Their former agency insisted that they are the owner of the name Shinhwa, therefore Mun and the other members had no right to use the name of the group. Aftera long legal batle, finally the court ruled in May 2015 that they may use the name Shinhwa as their entertainment agency.

Prior to the court ruling, Shinhwa is using the name ShinCom Entertainment for their entertainment agency and activities. Now, BEAST face the same problem as Shinhwa did.

Watch the latest single “Ribbon: from BEAST before they left Cube Entertainment Agency below:

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