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Drama Review: Solomon's Perjury 1 Grips On A Well-knit Timeline; Tension Builds Up

By analine soriano Murphy | January 04, 2017 11:17 AM EST


Solomon's Perjury Episode 1 slaps the audience right into the core of the mystery drama written ala suspense thriller whose end is to solve a crime that befell in a reputable high school.

There is the death of Lee Soo Woo (Seo Young Joo) chanced upon by another student Bae Joon Young (Seo Ji Hoon ). The tension builds up as the revelation came weeks after the dead student figured in a fight with a well-known school bully and spoiled brat Han Kyung Moon (Jo Jae Hyun). per Drama Beans.

Classified as a mystery (detective sort of), the puzzle that needs work sets out so visibly in the episode: who killed Lee Soo Yoo? There is a call to strengthen the element of resolution in the drama.

This early, the maze that requires an answer is discernible. How the mystery untwists is another.

Per advance feeders, Geo Seyon (Kim Hyun Soo) will direct the investigation from the point of view of the students. It reinforces the introduction of a letter alleging the death was, in fact, a murder, not a suicide.

Conflict issues a pressure drains into each character. The scriptwriter has mainlined the internal conflict among other characters affected by Lee Soo Woo's death.

Bae Joon Young,(Seo Ji Hoon) , his friend has behaved so strongly having the dad as the legal spokesperson for Kyung's father, the head of the School Violence Prevention Committee. according to Dramacool.

The strings of repercussions surface one after another. In the thick of it all, the director presents the lead character stable, the class president (Geo Seyon ) with a very supportive family background.

The tension paces up as other characters are made psychologically fragile either by influences of their homes or those that are regularly happy go lucky. They, who like to speculate, but when their voices needed to be heard they shut up.

TV spoilers at this stage can only go as far as, Geo Seon initiating an inquiry with students coming as dramatis personae. All are possible suspects. The investigation is repressed by high schoolers with no adults-in-charge.

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