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SM Entertainment Tried To Recruit BLACKPINK's Jisoo When She Was Still A YG Trainee!

By Carlo Rodriguez | January 11, 2017 03:22 AM EST


BLACKPINK is now known as the monster rookie girl group after a highly successful debut back in August 2016 under YG Entertainment's banner. With gorgeous aesthetics and incredible talent, the girls of BLACKPINK had definitely captured the public's eyes and it's safe to say that YG Entertainment lucked out when he discovered Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa. But apparently, YG wasn't the only one to notice their looks and talent as prior to their debut, one BLACKPINK member revealed that an SM Entertainment agent tried to recruit her while she was still a trainee under YG!

BLACKPINK's Jisoo is definitely one of the most beautiful faces today in k-pop and even before she had debuted with the group, she was already putting her aesthetics to good use by modeling and acting. And coupled with her immense talent and potential, she also managed to attract an SME manager's attention.

This was all revealed during a teaser for MBC's "Radio Star" wherein she would be appearing alongside her fellow BLACKPINK member Rosé, Koreaboo reports. According to the multitalented idol, since she was already a YG trainee when the offer was made, she had to decline. But still, isn't it amazing to know that if the circumstances had been different, she could've debuted under SM Entertainment and might've even been a part of Red Velvet! It is also worth noting that fellow YG label mate and k-pop icon G-Dragon had trained with SM Entertainment before he transferred to Papa YG's arms.

But nevertheless, fate had been great to Jisoo as BLACKPINK is currently one of the hottest k-pop girl groups in the world. In fact, they're already making waves in the international scene and getting special mentions from the US and it hasn't been a year since they first debuted! Furthermore, Billboard had placed them at number 2 for their list of "The Best New K-Pop Groups of 2016."

Surely, it won't take long and BLACKPINK would be joining the elite groups of k-pop groups to dominate the music scene.



It has been revealed in the latest episode of Radio Star that the SM Entertainment manager asked her if she wanted to become a celebrity and this all happened while she was at a YG Family Concert!

Since Jisoo is already acquainted with YG, she boldly told the manager/recruiter that she already belongs to an agency. Naturally, the SME manager wanted to know which agency she belonged to.

Now, it is quite odd how an SM agent would be at a YG event but then again, concerts are where most young people gather and some of them are bound to have potential.

Jisoo herself definitely fits the SM look.

What do you guys think about all of this?

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