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ZE: A's Kwanghee Is Off To the Barracks'; Fans Send Well Wishes

By analine soriano Murphy | January 16, 2017 09:57 AM EST


ZE: A's Kwanghee sets to join a list of pop artists who are due for a mandatory enlistment in South Korea's military. This is in compliance with the requisite service that the country demands of its citizenry.

It comes at age of 18. Anyone reaching the required age needs to fulfill the citizen duty before he passes 35 years of age. The resident engagement stretches up to two years. It can take about twenty-two to 36 months. At this status, as a citizen, an artist lives in a military barracks, drops the civilian life and gets used to very little personal effects as possible. He likewise fits to be under the constant scrutiny of a superior.

The routine a citizen qualifies for while awaiting the outcome of a five-week basic preparation program per BrownPoliticalreview. At this time, amongst those ripe for drafting in the military service like ZE: A's Kwanghee include: Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, Lee Min Ho, Akdong Musician's Chanhyuk, Joo Won and JYJ‘s Junsu. They are just a few of the artist due for active duty soon.

And how do the fans react to his recruitment recently announced? The fandom land in the social media is loaded with reactions, about the next chapter of the artist's life. Some followers have labeled him a fighting Kwanghee. Others muse at Hyungsik, (his close buddy in the Zea all- male- band) missing him.

These reflections add to the record of how followers of artists leaving for more than two years feel. It normally happens when the artists' time to pack up comes along. Some enthusiasts express wonder how a group would function should the lead or the main rapper leave any boy group. An overlapping enlistment among idols seems very unbearable to most followers.

On the other hand, artists' patrons are likewise concerned about their idols coming home safely after the military fighting stint. Notably striking is their attention to the order by which members of a group go into military duty. It can count to as long as five years before they convert as a group again.This early the actor has been doing advance practice before he switches to active duty per Koreaboo.

ZE: A's Kwanghee has been in the cast of ' Infinite Challenge' that started in 2015. That leaves behind an act he needs to clear. Specifically, the program will settle the six-man challenge with just five-member- cast to operate on. This early, the artist expects to join other contemporaries like Taecyeon, Junsu, and T, OP T.O.P, who are now active members of the military enlistment.

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