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Cameras Focus on An Urban Backdrop; Song Jae Rim Poses Like A Genuine Runway Pro

By analine soriano Murphy | January 16, 2017 09:10 AM EST

In one of his breaks from the drama filming of SBS' 'Our gap Soon', actor Song Jae Rim took the moment to face the cameras. SM and C&C (his handlers) dub him the master of photo shoots.Aptly enough, the description fits the artist as he has rows of photo camera settings he loves doing.
When not occupied shooting his scenes in his latest drama series, photo shoots is an activity he gamely put a special time with. On January 12th, SM and C &C posted a set of photos, caught mostly behind the scenes of the actual photo taking session that highlight an urban theme photograph recording according to AllkpopWhile it did not show much of the background. the first pictures indicate that the set of props in use reveal a highly urbanized scene. The choice of colors and backdrop captures the Metro feel.

In a dark taupe scrunch neck cashmere sweater, he poses. An environment of large green leaves growing, an urban style pot is conspicuous. Delicately, the green blades mimic those that embellish big hotel lobbies and condominiums. The proximity of amber colored bulb in a bronze cage and a bell hood emphasizes the subject.

He is in the identical dark taupe scrunch-neck cashmere sweater in another image. As the camera floodlights towards a different angle, he appears cozy and friendly. That the wool skin- lined dark suede jacket is phenomenal is an oversimplification.It conveys the impression of warmth as it dons a  striking double-breasted and a  notch collared mid length warmer.Sliding through the urban landscape with a red vintage car as a backdrop, Song Jae Rim, is in black trousers topped by a white shirt under a long coat in identical dark color per Knews. 

That would seem to queue a cut in the rounds for the day. Similar to what he does when on a location shoot, he takes it easy. Like a pro, he did the shoots without fuss. Undoubtedly he is the photo aegyo (term used as a positive male artist's way to charm people) fans would adore staring at. It is just like the way they would when they trail Song Jae Rim range of character conversions in the series 'Our Gap, Soon'. 

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